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Koji Workshop in English

​Please be aware that this is an edutainment workshop, tasting and healthy eating session, not a cooking class. Thank you!  

Welcome everyone!

I'm Motomi, a certified Fermentation Regimen Adviser. 

Come join us to explore Japanese healthy eating culture and Koji wellness together!! 

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Experience Japan's Koji-based Fermentation Regimen for Gut Health!! 


Workshop scenes from a Hong Kong event in 2018. 

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Workshop scenes from a Taipei event in May 2019. 

Meguro Studio, Tokyo

■Date: 11:00-13:00, Sunday Sept. 8, Sun. Oct. 19, and Nov. 10, 2019 

*This workshop is hosted only on the weekends. 

■Event Code:M-0609

■Title: Enjoy Kojio and Yoga Wellness

■Venue: Will be notified individually after official booking.  

■Contents: In this 3-hour wellness session, you will learn both breathing method and healthy eating. Two instructors will demonstrate, lecture and cook together with you. 

If you are feeling stress, join us to practice how to breathe, stretch and do yoga to relieve the tension.

Also, how to eat and what to eat are important. Based on traditional Japanese regimen, you will experience authentic fermentation in a simple “Ichiju-Issai” style. June focus will be miso and its effects as well as use.          

■Fee:  3,300 JPY/person (tax included)

■Reservation: Required 

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Please let us know your name(s), number of participants, and event code you are attending! We appreciate it!!  

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Planned Lessons after July. All dates are TBD:


2) Using Salt Koji Rice Malt to Make Ordinary Food Surprisingly Tasty! (塩糀)

3) Keeping Fit with Sweet Koji Rice Malt for Dessert Lovers! (甘糀)

4) Crafting Colorful Polka-Dot Chirashi Sushi with Rice Vinegar and Koji Rice Malt! (酢)

5) Loving Soy Milk Cheese and Butter with Koji Rice Malt – An Ideal Alternative for Dairy-Averse Bodies! (豆乳と糀)

6) Pickling Japanese “Nuka-zuke” Vegetables with Plant-Based Lactic Acid Bacteria! (ぬか漬け)

7) Using Low GI Natural Mirin Rice Wine Instead of White Sugar for Healthy Cooking! (みりん/only in Japan)

8) Organizing Gut Health with Shio Koji Vinegar Cabbage (塩糀酢キャベツ)

9) Mastering How to Handle the Fascinating All-Purpose Condiment, Shoyu Soy Sauce! (醤油/醤油糀)

10. Rice Bran Powder, A Mass of Nutrition (米ぬか粉)

Shibamata Kitchen, Tokyo

■Date: TBD, Send Us Your Date Request! We'll respond as flexibly as possible.  

■Event Code:SK-0623

■Title: Let's Make Natural Miso-dama Balls and Learn the Secrets of Chopstick Usage!

■Venue: Will be notified individually after official booking. 

■Contents: Did you know that a cup of simple miso soup will help you keep fit? As a Japanese koji rice malt master, I want you to enjoy miso soup without any effort. A miso-dama ball is the answer. It’s easy and fun to make. If you keep some of them in stock, you can just put one in a cup and pour hot water over it for instant miso soup.

   In this traditional hands-on Japanese food workshop, we’ll learn how to make colorful miso-dama balls. In addition, you’ll learn through a lecture on why fresh miso is so good for your gut health and helps raise your immunity. Let’s explore the ingredients of miso with a koji mister and a Japanese food dietician! After the workshop, we’ll enjoy a simple meal in the Japanese ichiju-issai style.

   Also, we will demonstrate how to use chopsticks appropriately. If you know the correct usage, you'll be more confident when you are invited by Japanese family for dinner. We'll show you how to use so that you can practice until you feel comfortable. Feel free to ask us any questions during the session!  

■Fee:  4,320 JPY/person (tax included)

■Reservation: Required 

Attention: Minimum necessary number of people is three.

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Please let us know your name(s), number of participants, and event code you are attending! We appreciate it!!  

Book from our CookPad Do! Official Site


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